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Bratwurst BBQ

Bringing authentic German street food to your event


Bratwurst BBQ

Bringing authentic German street food to Norfolk.
Our Schwenker Grill-style swinging barbecue is a great way to produce perfectly cooked, delicious food for up to 200 people at your family party, wedding or corporate event or summer party.

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Food do we serve?


We specialise in serving the kind of traditional German sausages you’ll find in the ‘Schnell Imbiss’, or snack bars, of Germany including:

Bratwurst or ‘Bratties’ – delicious pork sausages
Currywurst – pork sausages seasoned with a spicy curry ketchup
Frikadellen – similar to a German meatball or burger
Veggie sausages

All of our meat is sourced in Germany and cooked over charcoal on our giant grill so we can deliver the most authentic taste experience. Our Bratwurst and Currywurst are gluten-free.

To find out more about the Bratwurst BBQ, please contact us.

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